Polka dot bunting

I’ve been meaning to make a bunting for so long, being a new project a whole day was needed! There’s a lot more fiddling than you realise, especially cutting out and sewing all the shapes together! But for my first bunting I’m pretty happy with it! It’s quite tricky to get all the triangles the same shape, the lady in the YouTube video made it look far easier! So I cut out my triangles, sewed the outer edges back to back, turned them back the other way and put them to the side. I then cut out long lengths of the white fabric that joins them along the top, I didn’t have enough fabric so I had to sew 2 strips together to make them longer! I folded in the white fabric at the edges, ironed them into place and proceeded to sew the triangles into the fold. Making sure I added a new triangle each time! At one point I drifted off listening to the radio and carried on sewing the white strip forgetting to add another triangle in haha! So here it is now hanging on my lounge curtain rail! With my lovely Thailand hanging sea shells in the middle!


Cupcake twin make up bags

If you have read my very first blog post, one of the first make up bags I designed was a pink cupcake one? Well, now pink cupcake has a navy blue twin! This is actually my favourite design, especially the red zip! Red zips are so hard to find! The lining and the thread used are also red which I think finishes the bag design off well. I think it’s really cute! I like darker designs, I think they stand out more and the red and navy really compliment each other.

I am in love with this fabric at the moment! I am thinking of definitely bringing some back with me to put on my Ebay account when I am home!

I have a very big tip, when you are ironing your fabrics, be very aware where your iron is touching without you noticing!! On one of my bags, the edge of my iron sneakily burnt my zip when I wasn’t looking and completely ruined the bag, right at the very end of finishing! So gutted! I still use it though, just doesn’t zip up! But it still looks pretty!



Hearts, buttons and ribbons

This idea came to me out of the blue today! And if I’m completely honest, it was a bit of a happy accident! But I think they’re the best creations, ideas that came by accident! So I have been trying out a new kind of thicker fabric for my outer lining, I am not sure of the exact name but it’s very thick and good quality!

I cut out a heart template, and sewed on my checkered heart to the front of my outer fabric, this was the happy accident I was talking about, I used the wrong stitching! But it turned out far better than the original idea anyway! As I went to pull out my lining from the drawer, I noticed my red buttons on the side and thought how great they would look on the heart!! They usually sit there looking pretty (purposely hehe). A good tip, is once you have aligned buttons and other accessories where you want them, take a photo because there is no way I would remember where they were meant to go other wise!

I spent a while thinking of what colour to line the bag with, plain red, plain pink or the checkered red used for the heart, eventually I went with the plain red so it didn’t look too fussy!

I then sat back and thought, does this look too plain? I realised I had some red ribbon around somewhere, placed it on the bag and decided it would look perfect so sewed this on at the very edges, making sure when I constructed the purse that the edges of the ribbons where the bag meets at the sides lines up!

So there we have it! A happy accidental new design! Check out the back of the bag too!

I hope you like it! :)


No more chopping boards

So here in Dubai, it’s quite tricky if you have something particular in mind to find, to actually find it! It’s a very small place Dubai! And not very crafty either! So to my husbands bemusement, up until now I have been using lined up chopping boards to slice my fabric on with the roller aka pizza slicer – as I have been asking for in the fabric shops – because it was the only way they could understand what I wanted haha! Along with me doing weird pizza slicing hand movements, but they understood perfectly!!..anyway eventually I have managed to find a real measurements board that I can cut my fabrics on finally! I feel like a professional! ;) well getting there! I paid a bit more for it than my usual bargains, but some things you just have to give in to! If you want really accurate measurements and straight lines this is definitely a good buy!


Pretty florals

I’m trying to stick with one project and practise practise practise with my make up bags, I think it’s best to perfect one thing at a time. With this makeup bag I experimented with lining the inside, and worked brilliantly! You have to iron it onto to fabric first but it gives good body to your bag. It’s easy to sew and work with on the machine and as it’s meant to do – your makeup bag stands up! I tried a new idea of putting a black trim / lining around the bottom of the outside fabric (at the bottom)..this idea proved a bit tricky as you really have to ensure all your measurements are exact and your fabrics perfectly line up! And also as I found out, sew it higher up the bag to begin with and with much more than you intend it to look like, because when you box off your corners, a lot will disappear! As I found out! You can’t see the black trim haha, but the idea is still there and I know next time exactly how to do it! Despite the little set back I’m overall very happy with my little experiment! :)


Cupcake make up bags!

Hi everyone,

So recently I purchased a sewing machine and went to classes, it’s nice to give my fingers a rest from all the hand stitching! The classes were so much fun, day 1 we learnt the basic stitches and overcasting which was so interesting. Day 2 we made a cushion cover and learnt how to insert button holes which I was absolutely fascinated with! Day 3 we made makeup bags and on the last day we made beach bags. Of course I got home, enthralled with all my new skills, decided to make exactly the same again, and forgot it all!! Ahhh! Luckily they had handed out leaflets with how-to’s on! So I thought I would share with you my home made make up bag! Complete with cupcake fabric and pink lining. Hope you like it :) x



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