It’s been too long!

So my apologies for not posting in so long! I got caught up in sewing, and building stock up for my stall that my blog got pushed to the side slightly.. I have now made a promise to my blog that I will give it more attention now!

My first stall was a complete success! Being a Valentine’s theme helped a lot, there are so many pretty crafty items you can make with hearts, or decorate with hearts, in a heart shape etc- so many possibilities! In a way it set the bar high because I did so well and made so much on that one, and then by my second stall, being a holiday time where expats fly back to their home countries, it was a bit quieter. But honestly, I go for the fun of just being there hehe, sometimes I sit there giggling with my neighbour, and suddenly realise – oh I’m here to sell! So if I don’t do so well on an occasion it’s not so big a deal, but it would be nice to make a little of course!

I have introduced a line of retro 1950’s aprons in to my stall, this being the main item now, originally for adults, but I have had kids buying them! Looking a little bit big on them, but still happy! I will attach a piccie below of my rail on the day!

I now have a newly set up facebook page for my crafts please feel free to like 🙂




Coin purse (tutorial!!) and ‘special’ fabrics

Now these really are my favourite to date! I bought these fabrics for a ‘special project’ you know the type that you’re STILL waiting for, you bought the very cute fabric that you could never dare put scissors near to unless it’s ‘that’ project, and it’s actually just going to sit pretty as you admire it because it’s just.too.pretty!!! I have a few of them! And they are STILL sitting there! Especially the expensive ones I bought from home in the UK. For once I used a whole batch of fat quarters that matched, which looks so much better when you are making a collection, especially for a stall situation, rather than just randomly picking out fabrics.


For the first time I’m now adding photos to how I made it! I hope it helps one of you to make one!

Here’s how I made my coin purses..

I cut out 2 rectangles 9cm x 13cm of both lining and outer fabric. A zip the same width, a piece of lining fabric cut to about 7cm x 5cm rectangle for the tab, a D ring for the tab. I havnt got heavy duty scissors for cutting metal zips so be careful what kid of zip you buy, I always buy plastic ones!

First, let’s make the tab, grab your small rectangle and lengthways, fold the edges in towards once so they touch, then fold over again. It’s hard to explain so I tried to take the best pic to show you!

Then sew down each side, fold over in half, insert your D ring and save for later.




So my zip looks huuuuge but I only had a 50cm zip at the time in the colour I wanted! But I cut it to size later on. I constructed the coin purse in exactly the same way as my make up bags; laid one piece of outer fabric facing up, zip facing down on top of it, then one piece of the lining on top to make a sandwich. Making sure the fabric is lined up toward the END of the zip so we can later on trim the other end.

Sew the layers onto the zip exactly half way from the zip teeth to the edge of the zip.

Open up the layers and place the zip on top of the second outer layer with lining on top, exactly the same as above. (See below photo) then sew again between the zip teeth and the edge of zip.

Open all the layers, iron the edges down flat and top stitch.

Next, open the zip half way down the bag, construct the bag by holding the outer layers in one and the lining layers in the other, pushing the zip towards the lining and pinning in place. In the pic I have drawn (with a fabric pen!!!) where you should sew. You can see a gap in the lining you should leave so you can turn inside out. You can also see I marked a small gap on the top left on the outer fabric, when you are sewing and you get to this point, put your tab in and sew it in place, it should be facing IN (see second pic for the position of this, I hope it is clear!)
Sew all the way around the bag, remembering to reverse stitch at the opening in the lining so it doesn’t come apart when you turn inside out. You can trim the end of the zip now.

Turn the bag inside out and ladder stitch the lining closed! And voila!!

Owl caddy

I decided to try something completely different this time, and make something out of denim! I have already practised the owl caddy with the help of an online tutorial, but didn’t post it on here because it was just a practise with some left over old scraps of fabric, but it worked so I decided to go all out and do the main one properly.

I cut out the main body pieces out of denim, put one to the side and started work on his face. I chose a dotty fabric for his belly and pockets at the front. The belly shape I just hand drew, zig zag stitched this on, and folded in half a large rectangle piece for his pockets and sewed this on down the middle to make two separate pockets. I cut out the white eye shapes and the blue pupils, and used a zig zag stitch to sew these on. I then hand sewed on the buttons for his eyes. For his wings, I cut out four pieces of denim, sewed on some red decorative stitching, sewed them the right sides together and then turned it back the right way. For his nose I used some yellow felt, just simply stitching this on around the edge, and using the same felt for his feet, hand stitching these on to the bottom of him. To construct his body, I laid his wings in place on the front of him, placed the back denim part of him facing down and sewed this all the way round, leaving a gap at the bottom to turn him inside out. I then stuffed him with toy stuffing and some rice at the bottom to weigh him down.

So I might have almost stitched him to my dress, accidentally sewed the pins in to his body and had to unpick him to retrieve them, but overall a successful project I think!


Plush handmade owls

I think I might have a little bit of an obsession with owls at the moment! I know I always seem to say it, but I think this is my favourite item to date, I know I will say that next time too!!
So I designed the outline of an owl, having to re draw the ears a few times as they ended up extremely pointy and elf like! I had to stitch a few with some scrap fabrics to make sure I had the shape 100% right before I let loose on my expensive fabric. I then cut out the shapes from felt for the eyes and nose, and glued these on, as I felt stitching them on wouldn’t look as good. Stitched round the edge with the right sides facing together, leaving a gap at the bottom to turn inside out. Finally I filled the owls up with batting and filled the bottom of them with rice and stitched up the gap! I also found a cute little pink bow laying around that matched one of them perfectly!


DIY floral clutch

I think by miles this is so far the quickest and easiest project I have tried, but at the same time to most effective! I have learnt this week that you don’t have to spend hours or days on something for it to be the best! This little clutch took me under an hour and I love it!
I started with two different fabrics, folded these in half and drew around a template (for the shape of the bag) I sewed a back stitch on the inside of the two sides of the bag, leaving a small seam allowance, and turned the bag inside out.
I cut little notches in at the top of the opening, folded them over towards the inside of the bag, and glued the flaps down in place.
I then constructed the purse by glueing the two edges into the opening of the clasp, poking it in with a tooth pick! This I found was quite messy, although I am sure I have the wrong kind of glue for this project! My glue was quite sticky and every time I poked the fabric in, it came back out with the tooth pick again! Very frustrating! I then cut some small pieces of rope and put this in too, to hold it in place, again poking it in firmly.

And that was it!! Clutch complete!!


Trio of heart buttons

I have been meaning to finish this project for a while now, I think this would go perfect in a child / nursery room although personally I would hang it anywhere in my house I like it so much! First I glued the buttons onto the canvases, trying to mix the shades of each colour up a bit to make each colour stand out more. Then I (carefully!! Says the most accident prone person!) ..drilled holes where appropriate at the top and bottom of each canvas to allow the rope to be thread through. So next here comes the fiddly part, which was cutting each rope piece to size, threading them through and knotting them, ensuring that the canvases were well balanced and not off centre. I re-did these a few times as it drove me nuts looking at whether it was wonky or not so much! (I am still thinking of re-doing the rope again in the morning as it has taken all my energy today being a oerfectionist!) I have hung it on my fridge door so you can see the white of the canvases a bit clearer!


Polka dot bunting

I’ve been meaning to make a bunting for so long, being a new project a whole day was needed! There’s a lot more fiddling than you realise, especially cutting out and sewing all the shapes together! But for my first bunting I’m pretty happy with it! It’s quite tricky to get all the triangles the same shape, the lady in the YouTube video made it look far easier! So I cut out my triangles, sewed the outer edges back to back, turned them back the other way and put them to the side. I then cut out long lengths of the white fabric that joins them along the top, I didn’t have enough fabric so I had to sew 2 strips together to make them longer! I folded in the white fabric at the edges, ironed them into place and proceeded to sew the triangles into the fold. Making sure I added a new triangle each time! At one point I drifted off listening to the radio and carried on sewing the white strip forgetting to add another triangle in haha! So here it is now hanging on my lounge curtain rail! With my lovely Thailand hanging sea shells in the middle!


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